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Adobe Acrobat Reader - A freely available viewer for PDF files from Adobe.

- Dots per inch. The number of pixels (dots) per linear inch of paper. 300 DPI would have 300x300 = 90,000 pixels in a square inch. The higher the DPI, the higher the quality. The higher the DPI, the larger the file size of the PDF created by Click2PDF.

- Portable Document Format - A widely used file format which keeps formatting similar to the original document.

PDF Job - A group of pages printed from the same application. Using Click2PDF, you can combine Print Jobs into a Print Project. Print the title page from Photoshop, the introduction from MS Word, and the charts from Excel, and you would have 3 Print Jobs in your Print Project.

PDF Project - Multiple print jobs queued up in Click2PDF. You can re-arrange the order that Print Jobs will print in a Print Project.