How Does <PROGRAM> Work?
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ClickBook Enterprise takes what you print from your application – exactly what would print if you were not using ClickBook Enterprise – and shrinks and rearranges the pages to fit the layout you choose.

ClickBook Enterprise does not change any formatting done by the application program. Each page is preserved exactly as the application sent it, including margins, page numbering, headers/footers, and all paragraph formatting – everything.

ClickBook Enterprise formats your document in some or all of the following ways, depending on the printout layout you select and any modifications you may make to it:

·Shrinking to fit several pages on one sheet of paper.  
·Arranging the mini-pages so that they come out in numerical order after cutting and assembling.  
·Printing double sided.  
·Adding extra space for binding.  
·Adding Headers, Footers or Watermarks (if desired).