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Turns on/off columns in the Mail Jail

·Icon - Graphical indication of the type of message  
·Status - Shows an icon for actions taken on the message. See the Legend.  
·Score - Total spam score as assigned by the Analyzers for the message  
·Account - The account to which the e-mail was delivered.  
·To - The e-mail address to which the e-mail was addressed (not always the same as the account).  
·From - The e-mail address of the sender (as reported by the e-mail message which can be faked).  
·Analyze Date - The date and time that the message was analyzed by Spam Sleuth.  
·Email Date - The date and time the message was sent as reported by the e-mail (can be faked).  
·Size - The size of the message including unencoded attachments.  
·Subject - The subject of the message as extracted from the e-mail message.