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Use APOP Authentication – Some POP3 servers require encrypted Authenticated POP. If your ISP's server requires APOP, then check this setting.

Port – The default port for POP3 is port 110. This is the port Spam Sleuth will use to go get e-mail. Do not confuse this port with the Listen port which is configured in Miscellaneous. Only change this setting if you have a specific reason that Spam Sleuth needs to communicate with an e-mail server on a different port.

Use SMTP Authentication - If your ISP requires authentication to send mail (not common), then check this box. If the username/password is the same as your POP3, then you can leave the SMTP Username/Password blank, and the program will use your POP3 Username/Password.

Outgoing Server (SMTP) Username/Password: - If your ISP requires a username and password to send e-mail (most don't) then you'll need to set that information here.