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How can you make sure a message from a friend, relative, or co-worker is not tagged as spam? Spam Sleuth has an analyzer called Friends, which overrides all of the other analyzers. If the e-mail address of your friend is listed in the Friends Analyzer, it will let messages right through to your e-mail program.

What if I don't want to add everyone in my whole company to my friends list, but I want to get their e-mails? That is easy, simply add a wildcard friend to the Friends Analyzer. Use the * to represent any number of characters. Adding * will let e-mail messages from and right through to your e-mail program.

The Friends dialog lets you add e-mail addresses for your family, friends, co-workers and mailing lists. If someone in this list sends you an e-mail, Spam Sleuth will route the message directly to your e-mail program. Spam Sleuth will still strip off dangerous attachments, but you will get the e-mail. Add as many e-mail addresses as you'd like. E-mails are not case-sensitive, so don't worry if the letters are all capitalized.

Friends supports limited wildcards. You can put a * at the beginning or end of a word. Example: *@BLUESQUIRREL.COM would allow all Blue Squirrel addresses that end in @BLUESQUIRREL.COM. You cannot add *@*.DOMAIN.COM.