Additional POP3 Proxy Test
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Here is an additional test you can do to check the POP3 Proxy:
1.Go to Start->Run  
2.Type in "COMMAND[ENTER]" if you are using Windows 95/98/ME, or type in "CMD[ENTER]" if you are on NT/2000/XP  
3.You should get a command prompt.  
4.Type "TELNET 110[ENTER]"  
5.A response should come back like "Blue Squirrel Proxy Ready"  
6.Type "QUIT[ENTER]" to disconnect from the POP3 Proxy  
7.Type "EXIT[ENTER]" to close the command prompt.  

Choose One:
It works now.  
I get "Blue Squirrel Proxy Ready" but my e-mail still doesn't work.  
I get nothing after the entering the TELNET line.  
I get something else after entering the TELNET line.