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You can use MSN with Spam Sleuth, provided you also have Web2POP (

To configure:
1.Install Web2POP, and make sure it is always running in the system tray.  
2.In Spam Sleuth, go to File->Configure.../Accounts, and Add account  
3.Set to "Polling Mode".  
4.Set the e-mail to your e-mail address.  
5.Set the "Incoming (POP3) Server" to  
6.Set the Username to your full e-mail address.  
7.Set the Password to your e-mail password  
8.Set the Outgoing (SMTP) Server to  
9.Set the "Check Every" to 5 minutes  

Changes if you want to use your favorite e-mail program instead of the MSN client:
1.Right-click on Web2POP and choose Options, and set "Listen to Port" to 109  
2.In Spam Sleuth, go to File->Configure.../Accounts, choose your account, hit [Edit]:  
·Set to "POP3 Proxy Mode"  
·Set "Check Every" to 0  
·Hit [Advanced] and set the Port to 109.  

If you hit the "Test POP3" button in the Account configuration, and get the error "No support library found or library not capable", you need to add these lines to the Web2POP.INI file in the Web2POP program directory: