Polling Mode - Not getting e-mail
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You are running in Polling Mode. In this mode, Spam Sleuth does not affect the normal flow of e-mail. Your e-mail program will get e-mail just as it has before. For Spam Sleuth to be effective, it must check for e-mail before your e-mail program, and remove the bad (spam) e-mail from your e-mail server before your e-mail program checks for e-mail. We recommend POP3 Proxy Mode for most people. Click here for more information on the pros and cons of use Polling Mode.

In Polling Mode, Spam Sleuth does not affect whether your e-mail program can get e-mail. If you have switched between POP3 Proxy Mode and Polling Mode, it is possible that the settings in your e-mail program have been changed. Please change them back to the original settings. When you use Polling Mode, no changes are necessary to your e-mail program. If you suspect that Spam Sleuth has changed your setting and you don't know what they are, there is an AutoConfigure.log file in the Spam Sleuth program directory which logs all the changes made to your e-mail program.

Check One:
I've set my e-mail settings back to their original settings and everything is working.  
I can get e-mail now, but I have other problems.