Test SMTP Fails
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If the "Test SMTP" fails it can be for several reasons:

1.You are not connected to the Internet. If you don't see any text show up in the test box, make sure you have a good connection to the Internet. Make sure you can browse to web sites without errors.  
2.Your "Outgoing (SMTP) Server" is wrong. Check to make sure that you are using the settings you were given by your ISP, or those that were in your e-mail program. It would be the same setting as your e-mail program.  
3.Your SMTP Server requires authentication. If you get a message in the "Test SMTP" that your server requires authentication, then hit OK, then hit the [Advanced] button and turn on "SMTP Authentication" If it uses the same user/pass as your POP3 server, then you can leave the other settings blank, otherwise fill them in with user/pass for SMTP.  
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It works now.  
I have checked all of the above, but "Test SMTP" still fails.