Good Messages Blocked
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It is always possible that good messages will be blocked. These are called "false positives" Here are some ways you can decrease your false positives:

1.Add the e-mail addresses of your friends to your Friends list. Go to File->Configure.../Friends and add their e-mail addresses. You can import them from some e-mail programs.  
2.Add the return e-mail address of mailing lists to your Friends list.  
3.If the return address is always different for a particular mailing list, then you can add the "To:" address of the mailing list to Mailing Lists. Go to File->Configure.../MailingLists to add it.  
4.If you work in a certain industry, there are probably words that occur often in your e-mails, that don't ordinarily occur in spam. Perhaps certain medical terms if you are a doctor, or engine part terms if you are mechanic. Add these words to your GoodWords list. Go to File->Configure.../GoodWords. Type in a word, and give it points. These points will be deducted from to point total of the e-mail.  

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