accounts.conf File
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The accounts.conf file is the account and domain configuration file. We have documented the file format for you, so that you can export accounts from your e-mail program to this file format.

File Format

There are six types of lines.

1) Comment line
You may add comments if you'd like by preceeding the line with a # sign. Comment lines may be moved when using the Accounts user interface.
#Executive e-mail addresses start here

2) User Account line
user's e-mail followed by the user type (see types). If you specify :R after the user type, RADIUS will be used to authenticate the password, see radius.conf.

3) Alias Account line
alias e-mail followed by the user's e-mail (The User's Account line must preceed the Alias line)

4) Primary Domain line
Domain name preceeded by an '@' symbol followed by the authentication type.

5) Secondary Domain line
Domain name preceeded by an '@' symbol, followed by primary domain (with '@' sign)

6) All unknown account line
* followed by either (0, 8, or e-mail address) If no * account exists, then a 550 error will be returned for unknown users.
*=0 (all unknown e-mail is relayed to your e-mail server without analysis)
*=8 (Learning mode - all unknown e-mail for domains will be relayed and if successful, an account will be added)
* - (all unknown e-mail will be sent to and analyzed by the rules for

User Types (listed in best-to-worst order):
1 is Master User (Can add and remove accounts)
2 is Regular User (Configuration and Spam View allowed)
3 is Regular User (No Configuration allowed)
5 is No Spam View, No UnSpam allowed
4 is No Config - No Spam View - No Login allowed
0 is a passthrough account (no analysis)
9 is not active

Sample File:
#This company has two domains

The example above would create these accounts: (primary account to log into - master user) (alias for (alias for (alias for (primary account to log into - passthrough account) (primary account to log into - regular user) (alias for (alias for
All unknown e-mail with domain ( or would be relayed to the server. If it accepted, then the account would be added to the accounts.conf file.

·Domains must come before users or aliases without domains.  
·Users must come before their aliases.  
·Users-with-domain which override the automatic alias creation, must come after the user-without-domain.