Active Directory - Edit Domain
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Active Directory only deals with user names such as john_doe, and does not specify an entire e-mail address. You will need to specify your Active Directory domain which lets Spam Sleuth Enterprise know how to communicate with your Active Directory or LDAP server. You also need to specify the domain used for your e-mail. In some cases they are the same. Users will log in with their full e-mail address. Example: For, Spam Sleuth Enterprise would look for user john_doe in the mycompany.local Active Directory domain.  
Active Directory Domain - Set your domain here. In many cases it will be the same as your Internet Domain. On your server, right-click on My Computers and choose Properties, and use what is listed next to "Domain:"  
Internet Domain - Set your Internet Domain. If your e-mail addresses end in, then set it here.  
Groups - You will set groups that can use Spam Sleuth Enterprise. You set what type of access each group will have. If a user is a member of two or more groups, the user will be have the User Type with the most rights.  
Domain Aliases - If your users have multiple e-mail addresses, like and and, then add the other domains here.