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Did you know that all e-mail viruses are spread by sending attachments that can be executed? The Attachments Analyzer removes dangerous attachments, such as .exe files. Don't worry it stores the entire e-mail along with the attachment in the Mail Jail if you need it back. Be very careful. Most e-mail viruses are accidentally sent by friends or associates that have you in their e-mail address book. The virus spreads itself by sending an e-mail to everyone in the address book. If you get e-mails with .JPG attachments that are often spam, you can assign 50 points by just adding the line ".JPG=50" to the top box in the Attachments Analyzer.  

The Attachments analyzer has the ability to assign points, and it also has the ability to remove the attachment. Attachments are dangerous when they are programs that can do anything to your computer. Executable files (.EXE, .VBS, .CMD and others) attached to e-mails are very often viruses. By default Spam Sleuth™ is configured to remove executable files. You can always get the original file back (with attachment) by going to the Mail Jail and hitting "UnSpam." Be careful, often times an executable file that looks like it came from a friend was actually sent by a virus reading your friend's e-mail address book and sending everyone a copy of itself. Unless you've spoken with someone about a file they are sending you, we recommend that you don't run any e-mailed executable attachment.

Checking Not Friends will keep Spam Sleuth from removing attachments from e-mails sent from your list of Friends and your Mailing Lists. Before choosing this option, please be aware that viruses are sometimes sent by friends unintentionally if their computer has been infected with a virus.