Authentication Methods
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Spam Sleuth Enterprise supports three authentication methods.

1 - Built-In
2 - LDAP/Active Directory

The Built-In authentication method (1) uses the Unix Crypt MD5 hash method, and you add all of the users either through the Windows Client, the Web Client, or directly to the accounts.conf file.

The LDAP/Active Directory method (2) connects to an LDAP server or Active Directory server to authenticate the users. The Spam Sleuth Enterprise service uses the user list from the LDAP/Active Directory server. You create an ldap.conf file in the /Spam sub-directory which specifies which groups are Spam Sleuth Enterprise users.

The RADIUS method (3) is for authentication only. When the users log in, the password will be authenticated against the RADIUS server. You must have a radius.conf file in the /Spam sub-directory. See the radius.conf.sample file.

See accounts.conf for more information on how to use a different authentication method.