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Do you get e-mails where the subject looks like this -- ýÃûÔÚÂüÑÓ?

These are usually spam from China or Korea where they've specified a Chinese or Korean character set and your e-mail program won't display the characters. Spam Sleuth lets you detect and eliminate these e-mails with the Charsets Analyzer. By default the program will eliminate Chinese and Korean character sets.

The Charsets Analyzer lets you get rid of that annoying Chinese and Korean spam. Since most e-mail viewers don't show characters in the Chinese character set, these e-mails look like a string of gibberish like this - ÞÕýÔÚÂüÑÓ¡¢ºþ±±Ò»Ãû¹¤È˾ÍÕâÑù.

Unless you read Chinese or Korean, we recommend that you leave the default characters sets checked. The Latin character sets are used by many regular e-mails, so we recommend that you leave it unchecked.

Spam Sleuth can also check for any high-bit characters. These are characters that are above the 127 in the ASCII set. All high-bit characters are selected by default. They are usually only used by non-English speaking countries. If you are in Germany, we recommend that you uncheck characters in your character set such as (Ä and ä). If you are in Mexico, we recommend that you uncheck your characters such as (Ã and ã). If your country uses other characters, we recommend that you uncheck them so that they aren't assigned points.

You can increase the points given for any particular character.

You can have Spam Sleuth scan the Subject of the message, and the Body of the message. By default, Spam Sleuth only checks the Subject.