Combining Servers
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There are several reasons to combine servers:
·To increase the capacity for high-volume e-mail handling  
·To provide redundancy for high-availability in the event of hardware failures  
·To load-balance and allow maintenance with non-stop operation  

There are a number of ways to combine the servers to accomplish your goals. The most common method is to have two or more boxes handling mail in a round-robin fashion to load-balance and provide redundancy.

All of the settings must be stored in one location. You can choose one of the servers to be the repository, or you can set all of the servers to go to a Storage Area Network (SAN).

1.Give each server a different name  
2.In the server config program for each of the servers, set the Spam directory to the UNC path of a spam directory. The spam directory can be on one of the servers or on a dedicated storage network.  
3.Set your MX records to the same priority and set them to go to each of the servers.