Accounts (Master)
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Just hit Add New User to add a user account. Spam Sleuth will warn you if you exceed the number of licenses you have purchased, but will continue to let you add accounts. The Spam Sleuth Server will only recognize the first X accounts, where X is the number of licenses you've obtained.

Hit Add Alias to add an alias to a selected account. You must select an e-mail account first. Aliases are just alternate e-mails addresses for their parent account. All e-mail sent to an alias will be analyzed by the rules for the parent account. Spam Sleuth Enterprise is licensed by user, not by alias.

·All unknown e-mail passed through (not recommended) - This is OK during testing. Any e-mail that comes in that isn't for one of the user accounts or aliases will be relayed to your internal e-mail server.  
·All unknown e-mail rejected with 550 (recommended) - This is the best setting for rejecting the spammers. Any e-mail that comes in that isn't for one of the user accounts or aliases will be rejected with a 550 error, which is the SMTP code for "The e-mail account does not exist."  
·All unknown e-mail analyzed [by an account] - This will route all unknown e-mail addresses to a single account. This is useful when first setting up Spam Sleuth Enterprise to make sure that everyone has an account. You can route all unknowns to the IT administrator so the user account can be added if necessary.  
·Learn valid accounts by sending to your e-mail server - For accounts belonging to your domain, the program will check with your internal e-mail server by attempting to send a message. See Learning Mode for more information. When learning accounts you have the option to add the new users as RADIUS authenticated users if you have created a radius.conf file. If you have a RADIUS server, the users will authenticate their password against the RADIUS server. See radius.conf for more information. The option will not be available without the radius.conf file.  
Edit - This will let you edit the selected user or alias account.

Delete - This will delete the selected user or alias account after confirmation.

Set Domains... - This lets you set your primary and secondary domains. If you set a primary domain, you can add users like joe instead of If you add joe as a user and you have a primary domain of, and secondary domain of, the e-mail sent to will be analyzed by the rules for Joe will log in as, but will get e-mail for both accounts.

For more detail on how to add users programmatically, see accounts.conf.

Primary Domain - The primary domain will be used to create the login when only a username is supplied for an account.

Secondary Domain - The secondary domain will be used to create aliases when only a username is supplied for an account.

If you set at least one domain, then any e-mail sent to a non-valid domain (primary or secondary) will be rejected with a 550 (user not found) error. This is useful, to ensure that your internal e-mail server is not used as an open relay.

Notify Users - This will let you notify users of Spam Sleuth Enterprise and how it can help save them valuable time by removing unwanted junk e-mail.

You must always have at least one active Master user that can get back into the Master configuration to add/edit/remove accounts.