domainrelay.conf File
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This is an advanced feature that can relay e-mail to different e-mail servers depending on the domain of the RCPT TO:. To use the domainrelay.conf file, you must set the "Relay to Host" in SSConfig.exe to "DomainRelay"

The domainrelay.conf file goes in the ../Server directory.


If the optional port is not supplied, it will default to the standard SMTP port of 25.
You may specify the host by IP or by name. If you specify the host by name, make sure that the computer has sufficient DNS Server information to resolve the name to an IP address.

You should set a "default" for any RCPT TO: domains that are not listed. If you leave the "default" blank, it will use the host from the first line as the default.

Sample domainrelay.conf file: