Introduction and Getting Started
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Welcome, and thank you for choosing the best anti-spam program available.

Spam Sleuth Enterprise will help you win back your e-mail from the scourge of spam (unwanted junk e-mail). Spam Sleuth Enterprise begins removing junk e-mail as soon as you install it and add account information. With a little bit of tuning, you can improve its ability to detect and delete spam from your organization.

Spam Sleuth acts like an e-mail server to the outside world. When e-mail is sent, Spam Sleuth accepts and automatically analyzes e-mail messages for spam characteristics, and when it detects spam, it does not pass it along to your internal e-mail server. Spam Sleuth looks for thousands of different characteristics. It keeps a report of what it finds so that you know exactly why an e-mail has been deemed spam. When Spam Sleuth Enterprise determines an e-mail is spam, the program compresses the message so that it takes as little space as possible on your computer, and keeps a report with the suspect e-mail for a short period of time. After a period of time (30 days by default), it permanently deletes it.

When your e-mail program gets your e-mail, the spam has already been removed and you can read your e-mail the same way you always have, but without sorting through the junk e-mail to find the gems. Spam Sleuth removes the junk for you.

Spam Sleuth Enterprise is a tool for the organization to use to combat spam. Some settings, such as Master GoodWords, Master BadWords, Master Friends, Master Spammers and Master PowerFilter, can set only by Master Users for the entire organization. Other settings can be set by regular end users. The end-users can override most of the master settings if they wish.

If you are using this tool to protect children, or you just want complete centralized control of what comes into the organization, you can set your users to No Configuration Allowed or No Config - Can't view spam.

In most organizations, the users will be able configure their own Friends and mailing lists, and to set their own spam threshold. Each user can view spam reports, and determine just how aggressive Spam Sleuth Enterprise will be in eliminating spam from their account.