Learning Mode
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Learning Mode lets your Spam Sleuth Enterprise server learn accounts as they come in. We don't recommend that you run in this mode all the time, but rather use it for the first several weeks to automatically add valid accounts.

Make sure that your e-mail server is properly configured, and will reject unknown e-mail with a 550 error. A 550 error is the standard SMTP error (RFC 821) for rejecting e-mail sent to unknown users.

Go to Accounts to set Learning Mode, and your Domain(s).

When a new e-mail arrives:
1.Spam Sleuth Enterprise will automatically reject e-mail not belonging to your domain.  
2.If the account exists, the message will be analyzed and relayed if it is not spam.  
3.If the account does not yet exist, your e-mail server will be queried to determine if the user account is valid. If the user account is valid, the account will be created, and added to the accounts.conf file. If the account is not valid, a 550 error will be returned to the sender.  

By default, the user account will be added as just a user without the domain, but you may change the default behavior by editing the SpamSleuthServer.INI file in the /Server directory.

   ;Default user type (see accounts.conf)
LearnUserWithDomain=0   ;Defaults to learning with username only, so Primary and Secondary domains will create user login and aliases. Set to 1 to create user account for each domain.

Only set these if you want Spam Sleuth Enterprise to learn the users from a different server. This could be useful, if you have a database of users. You could write a custom application that responds with a 250 if the user is valid and 550 if the user is invalid.