Points System
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How does Spam Sleuth defeat spam? Each Spam Sleuth Analyzer: Friends, Spammers, To, Goodwords, Badwords, Profanity, Subject, Attachments, Charsets, HTML Volume, etc. looks at your e-mail a different way and can assign points. The more points an e-mail message receives the more likely it is to be deemed as spam. The less points an e-mail message receives the more likely it is a real gem.

Think of it as though it was a contest, and each Analyzer is a different judge, and the messages are the contestants, and Spam Sleuth is the scorekeeper. Every judge looks at the e-mail message and assigns points based on specific criteria. Then all of the points are added together to create an overall total. More points is bad, and less points is good. In the first alpha version of the program, Spam Sleuth sent all the votes to Florida to get a decision, but it always came back a tie and nothing ever happened (only kidding). The number of accumulated points determines if the e-mail message is real, or spam. If the overall total is less than the threshold Spam Sleuth classifies this message as a real gem, and it will be passed through to your e-mail program for viewing. If the overall total exceeds the threshold settings in Spam Sleuth the message is deemed as spam and it will either be placed in the Mail Jail for 30 days, or it will be deleted immediately. Spam Sleuth has 3 different threshold settings that you can adjust to your liking. To configure the threshold settings right click on the Spam Sleuth icon in your Windows System tray > Configure... > Score tab.


·E-mail is spam if score exceeds: - If the total amount of points accumulated by all of the analyzers exceeds this number then Spam Sleuth classifies the e-mail as spam, and the e-mail is sent to the Mail Jail. If you want to see the contents in the Mail Jail simply double-click on the Spam Sleuth icon. If you don't want to ever see the messages, just wait 30 days and they will be deleted. If the total amount of points is less than this number then this number the e-mail is classified as a real gem and Spam Sleuth will pass the e-mail along to your e-mail program. By default the threshold is set at 190.  
·Stop analyzing if score exceeds: - The second Spam Sleuth receives e-mail messages the Analyzers begin adding points. If the points begin to exceed 1,000 Spam Sleuth, the scorekeeper, tells all of the analyzers to stop giving points because it is clear that the e-mail message is spam. These types of messages are sent to the Mail Jail, and will be deleted after 30 days.  
·Permanent trash if score exceeds: - If the overall total of points from all of the Analyzers is more than 10,200 Spam Sleuth immediately deletes the message. These types of messages usually contain adult content/pornography.