POP3 Proxy vs. Polling

Spam Sleuth is able eliminate spam two different ways:

POP3 Proxy Mode and Polling Mode

Which is better between 'POP3 Proxy Mode' and 'Polling Mode'?

In most cases POP3 Proxy Mode is the better mode to use.

POP3 Proxy

·Spam Sleuth always analyzes ALL of your messages  
·Timing between Spam Sleuth and your e-mail program is not a concern.  
·   Messages are only downloaded once from your ISP.  
·   You don't have to store your password with Spam Sleuth.  
·You must change your Incoming (POP3) Server setting in your e-mail program to 'localhost' or, but this can be done automatically by the configuration wizard.  
·Spam Sleuth must be running for you to get e-mail.  

Polling Mode

·No configuration of your e-mail program is needed.  
·Spam Sleuth doesn't have to be running for your e-mail program to get your e-mail.  
·You must make sure Spam Sleuth analyzes your e-mail before your e-mail program gets your e-mail, or the spam will get through.  

What is 'POP3 Proxy Mode'?
In POP3 Proxy Mode, Spam Sleuth will get all of your e-mail from your e-mail server and analyze it. It will separate the spam from the good e-mail and then act as a server for your good e-mail.

In PO3 Proxy Mode, Spam Sleuth will set itself up as an e-mail server on the standard POP3 Port of 110 on your local computer. It rejects any attempts to access it from other computers, unless you tell it otherwise. Your e-mail program can access the Spam Sleuth server by configuring your Incoming Server (POP3) setting to localhost, which is just another name for the IP address

What is 'Polling Mode'?
In Polling Mode, Spam Sleuth will get all of your e-mail from your e-mail server and analyze it. It will determine which messages are spam and will tell the server to delete the spam messages. Spam Sleuth keeps a temporary backup copy of the deleted messages tightly compressed so you can see it in the Mail Jail and UnSpam it if necessary.

In Polling Mode, you do not need to make any changes to your e-mail program. But you have to make sure that Spam Sleuth runs before your e-mail program so that it has a chance to get rid of your spam.

Polling Mode is great for cleaning out web accounts that you want to be able to access from anywhere. Spam Sleuth will leave just the good e-mail in the web account.