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Spam Threshold
The Score dialog lets you set your personal spam tolerance threshold. Start with the default settings. Then look at the spam that was caught and the spam that wasn't in the Mail Jail. If you are getting too much spam in your InBox, decrease the spam threshold. If you are losing too many real messages, increase the spam threshold.

Stop Threshold
To be more efficient, Spam Sleuth™ can stop analyzing if the Spam Score exceeds a certain level. If you don't have any GoodWords or Bayesian then you can set this to the same value as the Spam Score. Good Words and Bayesian can deduct points from the spam score to allow an e-mail through which may pertain to something you want. If the spam score gets too high, then the GoodWords aren't going to help, you may as well let Spam Sleuth™ quit analyzing.

Trash Threshold
If the Spam Score gets too high, there may be no reason to even keep the message in the Mail Jail. If it is such blatant junk spam, let Spam Sleuth permanently delete it. If you don't like storing any spam, just set the Permanent Trash Score lower than the Spam Score. If you never want to permanently trash e-mail, set this to the highest level of 999,999.

Spam Management
The spam will keep on coming, but you probably don't want to keep it forever. Spam Sleuth does compress the messages so they take less room on your computer. Spam Sleuth will permanently delete spam after so many days. You decide how long to keep it in storage. We've set the default to 30 days, but you might only want to keep it for 5 days. Once a day, Spam Sleuth will clear out messages that are too old to keep. If you lower this number and the spam doesn't immediately disappear, don't worry, wait a day and Spam Sleuth will clean out the old spam.

You also have a choice to never delete spam. We don't recommend this option because spam will just take up your computer's resources.

You can choose to never keep spam. We don't recommend this option because if Spam Sleuth mistakenly flags a good message as spam, you will not be able to recover it. If you don't keep spam for some short period of time, you cannot train Bayesian, use Turing, or EMail Stamps. If you are using Tag Mode, you may want to select the option to not keep spam, as all the spam will passed through to the client with a tag identifying it as spam. In this case, the messages can be recovered from the e-mail client if the messages were moved to a Junk folder by the e-mail client's rules.

Spam Sleuth will ask for confirmation when deleting spam, unless you uncheck Ask for confirmation when manually deleting spam.