Shortcut Keys
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You can use the following shortcut keys to access features quickly without menus or using your mouse. Spam Sleuth must be active and the Mail Jail window must be open.

·ESC – Minimizes the Mail Jail window.  
·F5 - Refresh messages from server  
·F4 – Changes the active account in the Mail Jail.  
·CTRL-M – Checks e-mail in the active account.  
·ALT-U - 'U'nSpam a message  
·ALT-G - Mark a message as 'G'ood  
·CTRL-ALT-L – Set the logging level. The log is stored in the same directory as the program, and is named SpamSleuth.LOG. For efficiency, a new log file will be created when log becomes too large. The old log file will be named SpamSleuth.1.LOG.