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Some spam messages are very difficult to detect because they have just and image and a link. By sharing information about the URLs in these messages, it is possible to detect these messages by the frequency that those URLs appear in messages.

Warning: URLCheck sends information about the links found in e-mail messages. It will not send any information for messages with a score less than 0, so URLs from messages from Friends will not be analyzed.


URLCheck will send the domain and first directory to a centralized server. The server returns a probability that the URL is in a spam message based on how many times the URL has been seen in a period of time.

Setting the Maximum points for each URL will determine how many points will be assigned to the message if the centralized server reports 100 as the probability of a bad URL. Fewer points will be assigned if the centralized server returns a smaller probability.

Setting the Maximum points for one message will determine the overall influence of this analyzer. If there are many URLs that are really bad in the message, the maximum will be reached, but no more that this number of points will be assigned. All URLs will be checked until the maximum points is reached.

If you do not want the URL information to be sent out, turn off this analyzer by unchecking Active.

If the message was sent from someone in your Friends list, or in your Mailing Lists, it will not be analyzed by this analyzer.

When a domain is known to be good, the central server will return a 0 probability that the URL is bad. The database is not perfect, and may return a high probability that the URL is spam only because a perfectly legitimate company sends out large amounts of e-mail with their URL in it.

If you know that a particular domain is good, add it to your own personal list of good domains. The good domain list is never sent to our server. The list simply prevents the analyzer from making the check if the URL in the message is from one of the domains in your list.

The domains that you add must be in a very specific format. Use only the first two levels, like AMAZON.COM, and NOT WWW.AMAZON.COM. If the second level of the domain is CO, COM, NET, or EDU as in CO.UK, then add one more level like BARCLAYS.CO.UK. If you do not follow these rules, the URL will be sent and points may be assigned.