Hidden Settings

Occasionally there are settings that are needed, but are not often used. These settings require editing the SpamSleuth.INI file. The SpamSleuth.INI file is stored in the directory you chose to save the program during the installation wizard. By default the SpamSleuth.INI file is stored in C:\Program Files\Blue Squirrel\Spam Sleuth Enterprise\SpamSleuth.ini.

[<e-mail>]   ;The section name is your e-mail name, configured for each account
SMTPPort=25   ;Override the default SMTP port of 25

[<e-mail>]   ;The section name is your e-mail name, configured for each account
UseSMTPAuthorization=1           ;0 will turn off SMTP authorization on ESMTP servers

KeepOriginalSender=0  ;  Setting this to 0 causes the program to use your e-mail address as the MAIL FROM: address when UnSpamming messages or sending a modified message.  Setting this option 1 cause Spam Sleuth Enterprise to use the original sender's e-mail address in the MAIL FROM:  

EMailClient=   ;Set this to the full path of your e-mail program if the launch e-mail button doesn't work.