How to Find Specific Topics in the Help File
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The Help system displays both the Contents and Index lists, providing alternative ways to get information pertaining to a specific topic. The list of Contents shows the major categories of Help. When a category is chosen, you'll be presented with Help text directly, or a pop up menu of topics, from which your choices will be narrowed. The index allows you to look up a word or phrase you have in mind. Type the word or phrase, or look in the alphabetical list for your topic, select it, and click Display.

Clicking on the highlighted word or phrase brings up a list of Associated Topics. Double click on any associated topic to read the contents. Or double click on the word or phrase to go directly to its first associated topic.

If you prefer to browse or read straight through Help, go to any topic as a starting point. From there, use the >> and << buttons to move through topics forward or backward. You can read through the entire Help system in this way.