Mail Jail
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The Mail Jail stores the spam for a short period of time.

Here are the reasons you would store spam:
·To provide a way to get a good message back if the program incorrectly determines it to be spam.  
·To provide a set of spam so the Bayesian Analyzer can train.  
·To be able to see reports on how and why a messages was marked as spam.  
·To provide a list of spam mail so you determine the effectiveness of the program.  

The Mail Jail also provides these abilities:
·To view spam messages in a safe environment.  
·To keep a report for every spam.  
·To recover a message that was marked as spam.  
·To keep a report for every non-spam if you choose "Score and store non-spam messages"  
·To see spam for a single account or for multiple accounts in one place.  
·To select and request Turing.  
·To select and bounce messages.  
·To select and request EMail Stamps.  
·To add sender's addresses to Friends.  
·To add spammer's addresses to Spammers.  
·To rescore messages to assist in tuning.  
·To see the results of a Bayesian test for previous messages after training.  
·To see amount of spam that you receive on a daily basis.  
·To view spam reports for messages.  

The Mail Jail lets you view your spam. It lists the score, who it was from, an action status, the date (as reported by the e-mail message) and the subject. You can double-click to view a message in a safe viewer. The viewer will not show pictures, it will not run Java script, and it will not let you launch an attachment.

clip0024 There is a red dot next to spam messages that were analyzed and found to be spam. These messages will always contain the unmodified message. The report may specify that the HTML or Attachments were removed, but if you Mark as Good (UnSpam) these messages, you will get the message as originally sent.

clip0025 There is a yellow dot next to messages that are stored for your convenience because the original message was modified before being sent to your InBox. The message might be modified to remove a dangerous attachment, or potentially harmful script. Any time the original message is modified, a copy of the original is stored. If you want the original (untouched) message, just click on message and hit clip0030 "Mark as Good (UnSpam)"

clip0023 There is a green dot next to messages that were not spam. You will not see any green dots unless you turn on the Score and Store non-spam messages in the Misc. section of configure.

The Spam Score column shows you how many points the e-mail received. Be aware that it may not be the total score, because there is a Stop Score that lets Spam Sleuth Enterprise stop analyzing a message. If you always want a full report set the Stop Score to 0 in the Score configuration.

Sort the columns by clicking on a column header. Click it again to sort either ascending or descending.

Each e-mail account gets its own spam storage. Choose which account to view with the drop-down box of accounts in the upper right-hand corner.

You can right-click on an e-mail message and choose from the available options:
clip0036 - Deletes the highlighted message(s).
clip0029 - Displays the current message and spam report.
clip0030 - Mark as Good (UnSpam) – Sends the message back to your e-mail program.
clip0037 - Mark as Spam - sets to a spam message and keeps it from being delivered to your InBox.
clip0031 - Displays the Program help.
clip0048 - Turns the Filter on and off.
clip0033 - Displays the legend for the color coded dots that appear next to the messages.
clip0032 - Automatically opens your Web browser and launches the Blue Squirrel home page.
clip0034 - Launches the Configuration dialog box.

When you double-click on a message, or choose the clip0029 icon, the message will be displayed in a safe message viewer. The message viewer will not format HTML, will not run Script, and will not decode attachments. It shows you the raw message that was sent. This is sometimes very helpful to see, as you can see the tricks that spammers use to hide their message from simple filters.