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Do you want to screen e-mails on a junk account and forward the good stuff to your "real" e-mail account? Or, do you have an e-mail account on your cell phone or PDA that you only want the really good e-mail from Friends, your boss, etc. Use the Relay Analyzer to automatically forward the best e-mail.

The Relay Analyzer can relay messages based on its score. It is not on by default. This is useful for sending important messages to a PDA account, a pager, etc. You can protect your PDA e-mail account by giving out your regular e-mail address and then only passing along e-mail that is from a known Friend.

Good - Only relay messages that don't reach your spam threshold.
Spam - Only relay messages that exceed your spam threshold.
Custom - Set a custom score range. Perhaps you only want to relay messages that are from Friends, set the score to -20000 to -20000

Relay E-mail message to: - Set the e-mail address of a valid e-mail account.

Show confirmation dialog (right-click only) - Check this option if you want to see a confirmation dialog when messages are relayed.

Play sound when Relayed - Check this option if you want to play a sound when messages are relayed.