Score and Store
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If you turn on the Score and store non-spam in the Miscellaneous section of Configure…, Spam Sleuth Enterprise will keep a record of all the green dotted messages received and you can view the score and store report in the Mail Jail. This feature comes in handy because sometimes-real messages are indeed spam, and you can view the Score and Store report to better configure Spam Sleuth Enterprise so that you don't receive messages from that Spammer again. You can right-click and "Add to Spammers" to keep messages with the same From: address from making it into your InBox. For more information about the Score and Store report see the Interface section.

Spam Sleuth Enterprise™ is very customizable. It has been tuned to work right out of the box. You will be able to get better performance by configuring the program for the type of e-mail that you receive.

Spam Sleuth Enterprise displays color coded dots next to the messages in the Mail Jail.
·Red – indicates the e-mail is spam  
·Yellow – indicates the e-mail is not spam but has been modified. For example, you may have received an HTML e-mail, and Spam Sleuth Enterprise stripped out all of the HTML and routed a text version of the message to your inbox.  
·Green – indicates that the total amount of points the e-mail received from the Analyzers scored less than the spam threshold. For information about the threshold settings and analyzers see the Defeating Spam section in this manual.  
·Green on Yellow - indicates that the message is still on the server. This has different meanings depending on the mode the account is in.