Starting Spam Sleuth Enterprise
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The Spam Sleuth Enterprise Server runs in the background detecting spam and eliminating it before it reaches you.

If you have been given access, you can run Spam Sleuth Enterprise on your computer to view the messages that were detected as spam, and if you have been given permission, you may also configure Spam Sleuth Enterprise to do an even better job at detecting unwanted junk e-mail.

To run Spam Sleuth Enterprise, you just need to launch SpamSleuth.exe from the server location. You may have been sent a welcome e-mail with the location of SpamSleuth.exe. If you have, you can run it by going to Start->Run and entering the full path to SpamSleuth.exe. It will look something like this \\SERVER\SLEUTH\SpamSleuth.exe.

The first time your run Spam Sleuth Enterprise it will ask for a password. There is a pretty good chance that you don't have a password yet. Just leave it blank and it will take you to Configure Your Account and prompt you to create a new password.

Since you probably don't want to run it that way every time, we have added a check box that lets you put Spam Sleuth Enterprise right in your Start