PDF Types and Quality
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Click2PDF can create PDF files with varying quality levels. The higher the quality, the larger the size. If you just want to get the point across, then Black and White Low Quality (72 DPI) will work.

PDF Type
·PDF B/W Draft - Black and white only. Any gray or color will look very grainy.  
·PDF B/W Pro - Greyscale. Colors or grey will look grey.  
·PDF (High Color) Pro - Full Color. Colors will be retained in the PDF.  

PDF Quality
·Highest - 600 DPI (600 dots per inch) - Crisp Laser printer quality  
·Higher - 300 DPI (300 dots per inch)- Laser printer quality  
·High - 200 DPI (200 dots per inch) - Fine fax quality  
·Med - 100 DPI (100 dots per inch) - Regular fax quality  
·Low - 72 DPI (72 dots per inch) - Screen quality  

NOTE: When selecting the highest PDF Quality (600 DPI) you will initially receive the following windows: