Helpful Tips
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These tips will help you get the most out of Click2Poster.

If you are applying a poster or banner to a Vinyl sign, post board, or card board here are some options to consider:
·If you are using the Removable Adhesive Paper and applying the sheets to a vinyl sign it is best to do it at room temp. The vinyl tends to stiffen when it gets cold, and the paper has a tendency to curl when they are repositioned in cold places.  
·The adhesive sheets are easier to work with on the hem side (where sides are folded over) of a Vinyl sign.  
·The sheets are easier to remove and reposition on the hem side of a vinyl banner.  
·The sheets stick more on the flat side of a vinyl banner.  
·A flat hard surface is best to work on when applying poster or banner sheets to a backing.  
·We recommend using a Trimmer or Trim Ruler to cut the edges of paper.  
·When weatherproofing your poster or banner, spray the pages with the waterproofing spray before you put the pages together. This will keep the page corners from peeling.  
·Another method of weatherproofing is to use wide clear packing tape. Tape from end to end. Start at the bottom and work your way up to layer the tape like shingles on a roof. Overlap each tape strip by about 1/8".  
·If you want to hang your sign outdoors, you can print the pages on waterproof paper. Requires a Laser printer.  
·To assemble your poster or banner more easily use the Settings dialog on the tool bar to turn on cut marks, edge marks, assembly number, print assembly instructions, and define the amount of overlap.  

·If you run into any problems during the printing process and only need to print one or two pages of the poster click the Sheet Selection button on the Print Preview screen to reprint a specific page. Enter the row and column number for the page you wish to print and press OK. Your job is sent to the printer.  


·If you have multiple printers and want to change which printer prints your poster or banner from the menu bar go to File, Print. The Print dialog will open where you can specify which printer you want to print. Press Print to send the print job to the printer.