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·Menu Bar clip0069  
·Print - opens the print dialog to send a poster to a printer.  
·Poster Wizard - launches the wizard where you can adjust poster settings, and create custom poster layouts.  
·Click2Poster Printer Setup - launches the printer setup dialog where you can add, remove, and adjust settings for your printer(s).  
·Exit - closes Click2Poster.  
·View - check or uncheck items to display on Click2Poster's main screen.  
·Status Bar - displays the poster size, and page size, and total pages.  
·Toolbar - displays icons for commonly used features.  
·Text Labels - lists a word for the corresponding icon on the Toolbar.  
·Tool Tips - displays a brief description for the item your mouse is waiving on.  
·Print Job Bar - displays the Print Job Bar where you can view which printer your poster is being sent to, set specific pages to print, and lists the computer file you wish to print as a poster or banner.  
·Preview - displays the Print Preview screen.  
·Layout Info - lists a brief description of the poster or banner in the print preview screen for the selected layout.  
·Stay On Top - places Click2Poster main screen on top of other programs you have open.  
·Poster Settings - launches the Settings dialog where you can select to print assembly instructions, edge marks, cut marks, assembly tile number, and the overlap size.  
·Purchase... - launches the Blue Squirrel Web Site and adds Click2Poster to your shopping cart.  
·VIP Key - launches the InstantX dialog box where you can register and update Click2Poster.  
·Update Now! - checks for a new version of Click2Poster, and allows you to download any updates.  
·Undo Last Update - removes features that were recently downloaded.  
·Settings - launches the InstantX dialog, and opens the InstantUpdate tab where you can adjust how frequently you want Click2Poster to check for new updates.  
·Help - launches the Click2Poster help file.  
·Reset Click2Poster Printer - re-installs the Click2Poster print driver.  
·Click2Poster Home Page - launches the Blue Squirrel Web Site.  
·License Agreement - opens the End User License Agreement.  
·Register... - opens the InstantX dialog where you can purchase, register, or update Click2Poster.  
·Tip of the Day... - displays common uses, and directions to print posters and banners with Click2Poster.  
·About Click2Poster - lists the version number, registration information, and contact information for Blue Squirrel.