Printer Setup
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Every printer that you use with Click2Poster must be set up. When you install Click2Poster, the software sets up your printers automatically.

·The book icon clip0053 next to your printer is an indication that your printer is setup to work with Click2Poster.  
·Remove - Press this button to remove a printer from Click2Poster.  
·Setup - Press this button set up a printer to work with Click2Poster.  
·Properties... - Set the unique properties of each printer.  

Follow these steps to access Click2Poster's Printer Setup:

1.First, make sure that the printer is installed in your Windows system.  
2.Open Click2Poster Printer Setup, which is found in the File menu, or click the Windows Start button, go to Programs, Blue Squirrel, and click on Click2Poster Printer Setup.  
3.Click Setup to add a printer to work with Click2Poster or click Remove to disable a printer.  
4.Select Properties to adjust printer settings.  
5.Click Close to exit the Printer Setup dialog.