Print Preview
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Print Preview provides an idea of what the document will look like when it is printed for the chosen layout.


·Zoom - click your mouse on the poster to see an enlarged view. Right click to zoom out. Use the arrows to see specific pages of the poster.  


·Sheet Selection - Press this button to print a specific page of the poster. The Print a Poster Sheet dialog appears. You can choose which page you want to print and press OK to send the job to the printer, or Cancel to exit the dialog. Note: this comes in handy if you run into any difficulties with your printer.  


·Categories - from the drop down menu choose the style of sign you want to print, either Posers or Banners.  
·Layouts - from the drop down menu choose the type of sign you want to print. 3x3, 4x4, landscape or portrait, etc.  
·Layout Info - located under the categories and layouts you will see a brief description of the poster or banner for the selected layout.