Run the Setup Program
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To Run the Setup Program:

1. If you have Click2Poster on a CD insert the CD into an appropriate drive. Or if your copy of Click2Poster is a zipped (*.ZIP) or
self-extracting executable (*.EXE) file, copy it into an empty folder. Double-click or use a zip manager to expand the file.
You can obtain a copy of the self-extracting executable from our Web site:
2. If you have the Blue Squirrel Installation CD, its AutoStart function will load the CD and present you with an opening screen.
To start the installation process, click on the picture of the Click2Poster box.
3. If you have the Click2Poster program in another format, click the Windows Start button, choose Settings, and the Control
Panel. Double-click Add/Remove Programs. On the Install/Uninstall page, choose Install, and then Next. Use the Browse
button to navigate to the folder into which you copied or expanded your Click2Poster files and click Finish.
4. Follow the prompts on the next screens of the Install Wizard.
When the Setup program is completed, a Click2Poster Printer driver is added to your Windows Printers list, and your printer(s) are setup to work with Click2Poster. You will need to enter registration information, and then you're ready to print with Click2Poster.

System Requirements
·Pentium 100 or faster machine  
·64+ MB of RAM  
·14 MB of free disk space  
·Laser or InkJet printer  
·Windows 2000/XP/2003