Unlimited Poster and Banner Options
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When you use Click2Poster the possibilities are unlimited.

You can print any size of poster or banner you wish. Here are some of the top uses we have collected from customers.

Advertise school programs  
·Fund Raisers  
·Sporting Events  
Political signs  
Promote your business  
·Grand Opening  
·Lunch Special  
·Huge Discounts  
·One Day Only Sale  
·Dinner Special  
·Lemonade $1  
·Under New Management  
Personal Sales for Cars, Houses, Boats, etc.  
·For Sale  
·For Rent  
·Open House  
·Garage Sale  
·Yard Sale  
Family and Friends  
·Welcome Home  
·Happy Anniversary Dear  
·Happy Birthday  
Team Spirit  
·Go Yankee's  
·Go Lions (3 time state champs)  
Seasonal Greetings  
·Merry Christmas  
·Happy New Year  
·Happy Halloween  
·Haunted House  

When making posters you can use regular paper with tape, or spray-on adhesive. We also have a waterproofing spray you can use to hang posters outdoors. Some other options are to use our removable adhesive paper, magnetic "paper", adhesive transparencies and much, much more.

Some other ideas:
·Make large window signs using adhesive printable transparencies which stick to store windows. Use the mirror option if you are sticking them on the inside of the window. The mirror option is under Layouts->Modify Layout after you've printed to the "Click2Poster Printer" and chosen your poster or banner size.  
·Use spray-on adhesive to hold regular paper onto a window, or any smooth surface. The software lets you make a banner or poster of any size.  
·You can use your favorite program to create posters, i.e. Paint, Word, PowerPoint, WordPerfect, CorelDRAW, Photoshop, or any graphics program.  
·Use spray-on waterproof protectant to make temporary outdoor signs.  
·Visit http://openclipart.org/ to find clip art that you can freely use for your projects.  
·Get a banner blank and use printable adhesive transparencies to make large colorful banners.  
·Make signs with a price that can be changed on-the-fly. The removable adhesive paper makes this possible for the first time ever. Imagine a sign that can be modified throughout the day depending on the traffic. A $5 car wash becomes a $3 car wash when times are slow and a $7 car wash when you can't keep up with the demand.  
·Use the banner blank to hang a sign, and then make more signs to put in the window or on the side of your business.  
·Get printable magnetic "paper" and make signs for your truck, van or car.  
·Have a large flat smooth outdoor surface? Get the waterproof printable permanent adhesive paper and make your own billboard. Make the sign as large as you need. We've tested it beyond billboard size.  
·Use iron-on paper and transfer onto a large cloth sign. The mirror option is under Layouts->Modify Layout after you've printed to the "Click2PosterPrinter" and chosen your sign size.  
·Another option if you want to hang your sign outdoors is to print the pages on waterproof paper. Requires a Laser printer.  

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