Mini-pages Shift To The Right


In the printout, the mini-pages are shifted to the right or down, while printing is clipped at the right hand or bottom edge of the sheet of paper.


This can occur with many applications (for example, WordPerfect and Microsoft Word) when you use a layout with the No Scaling option. (The brochure layouts, for example, use No scaling.) No scaling requires a custom page size to be set in the application program. But if this custom page size does not match the page size of the printer, many application programs handle the mismatch in ways that are incompatible with ClickBook.

·If your printer supports custom-sized pages, set the printer's page size to match the page size set in your application program. (You can set printer options using Window's Printer Setup.)  
·Otherwise, you need to adjust the effective page size by adjusting the margins in your application program.