No Scaling

If you have prepared your document's pages to be the final printed size you want, you should use ClickBook's No scaling option. When no scaling is on, ClickBook does not shrink the pages.

Before printing this way, make sure that (a) you have assigned appropriate font sizes, and (b) the size of your document's pages match, or are smaller than, the mini-page size of the layout you wish to use. You can set the page size in your application program either with the page width and height settings or with the right and bottom margin settings.

Some layouts already have No scaling on, so you can browse through the Layouts and choose one that matches your document.

Or turn off scaling on any Layout
·To use No scaling, print your booklet mostly as usual, with these special steps:  
·In choosing a layout, make sure that its mini-page width and height match the dimensions of your document's pages. (It's okay if the mini-pages of the layout are slightly larger, the booklet pages will simply have larger right and bottom margins.)  
·In the Scaling section of the Modify Layout dialog, turn on No Scaling. Then click Save As to save this new layout with a different name.