PDF Settings

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AutoName - If you check this option, you will not be prompted to name the PDF file.  The name will be derived from the name of the document that you printed first.


Don't prompt when writing over a file with the same name - Check this option when you would like to replace previously created PDF files with new PDF files.  This option usually goes with AutoName.  Then when you create a new PDF with the same name, the old one will be overwritten.


Multi-Language Support (Unincode characters) - Allows you to convert unicode fonts, common with different languauge fonts. Also allows you to convert 'Smart  Quotes' .


Optimize the PDF file for the web - This option creates a PDF file that will load into a browser in stages.  The first page will be available to read while the other pages are still loading.


Change the colors to grayscale in the PDF file - This converts color documents to greyscale documents.  Sometimes it is easier to print a greyscale document on black and white laser printers.


Open PDF file after creation - This launches the PDF viewer so you can see the created document after printing.