Printing A Multi-document Booklet

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Summary: To print several documents as a single booklet, just wait to click ClickBook's Print button until after you have sent all the documents to ClickBook.


When you send a document to ClickBook, the software program opens and begins receiving and processing the document.  If you send a second document, as long as you have not yet clicked ClickBook's Print button, the second document becomes part of the same booklet.  You can send a third document, and so on.  The documents can come from different applications, but must be sent to the same printer.


Note: If you want to print from many applications, you can close each application as soon as it has finished printing (sending the pages) to ClickBook.  This may help if you find that you don't have enough memory, or that your computer is operating slowly.


Once you have sent all of the desired documents to ClickBook, you can adjust settings – for example, select a different layout.  Notice that all of your desired documents in the Print Jobs box.  If you want to cancel any of your documents from printing just click on the check mark in the box next to the documents name.  If you want the documents to print in a different order just left click and hold on the document you want to move and slide to the desired order of the print job.


Finally, once you have verified the contents of the booklet and you are ready to print, click Print.


Important: The defining document

The first document you send to ClickBook for a given booklet is the defining document.  ClickBook uses the following settings from the defining document for all the documents you print together as one booklet.


Page settings (set these in your application or through Windows printer setup):
Page orientation (portrait/landscape)
Page width and height
Layout (set in ClickBook)


Tip: To make sure the settings match, or to find out what the discrepancies are, you can view a list comparing any document with the defining document.  Just select that documents name (in the Print Job box) and then right-click.


Ensure that you send all documents to the ClickBook Printer.  Some application programs remember the printer last used for each document.  If your application does this, check the printer for each document before giving the print command.


Printing multiple documents as separate booklets

If you wish to print multiple documents as separate booklets one immediately after another, simply click ClickBook's print button for one document before you send the next document to ClickBook.  Or , if you send documents to different printers, each printer's set of documents will be printed as a separate booklet.