Printing Sub-booklets To Bind Together

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Sub-booklets or commonly referred to as Signatures are printed pages that are folded and then trimmed, and stacked with other sub-booklets or signatures to make a book. An A 6 page signature would be the same ClickBook's 24-page sub-booklet when using the side-by-side folded layout. 6 pieces of paper when folded makes a 24-minipage book.


Rather than folding a whole booklet together, you may wish to print and fold sub-booklets or signatures separately, and then bind them together.

Reasons for using Signatures or sub-booklets include:

To avoid shingling or margin creep that otherwise occurs with thick folded booklets.
To meet the needs of special binding methods.
To separate individual documents from a mail-merge print stream.


To enable ClickBook's Sub-booklet feature:


1.From the Menu bar select Layouts and click on Modify layouts.
2.The Modify Layout dialog box appears. Under the Sub-booklet section mark the checkbox next to Sub-booklets.
3.Use the up and down arrows next to Pages-per to set the amount of pages each sub-booklet will contain.
4.When you are finished press Done.