Command Line Options
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One of the unique features of Grab-a-Site is the ability to use it as a command line utility to get files.

All command line options apply only if a project is also specified on the command line.

/a<url>   Add URL
/i<file>   Import URL's from file

/u   Unattended - start grabbing
/e   Exit after finishing unattended grab

These apply to new URL's (/a or /i)
/c   StayOnSite on
/c0   StayOnSite off
/c1   StayOnSite on
/l   All Levels
/lx   Go x Levels

GrabSite.exe C:\TEST\TEST.GAS /a /l2 /c1 /u /e

This would grab IBM's site two levels, and would stay on site so if IBM had a link to it wouldn't be followed.