Project Properties
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You can set certain properties that apply to the project. Go to File->Project Properties.


You can run a program after you finish grabbing the files. By default, it runs your browser with a special contents.htm page it builds from the top-level URLs you've added.

This can very useful for running a post-processing program like language translation, a spell checker, a link verifier, an ftp transfer, etc.

Replace Tab
You can do an automatic search and replace. This can be useful to remove scripts, fix up errors on the original site, replace relative URLs with absolute URLs when necessary, etc.

Edge Links
Edge links are links that were not grabbed because the links were not part of the site, or the links are beyond the number of levels specified, or the links were excluded because of the filters you have set for the project.

By default, Grab-a-Site will set links to ungrabbed pages to their absolute URL reference so that they will work from a CD if the user is online. You can change the edge page to any fixed URL or file you'd like. If you set the URL to an absolute URL reference, it will be the same URL for every ungrabbed page. You can also set it to a file like edge.htm and Grab-a-Site will copy all files from the Grab-a-Site\edge directory when it exports the site.