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Snapture™ has the ability to update itself over the Internet. Right-click on the Snapture icon in the tray and choose Update->Update Now!

InstantX Settings
You can have Snapture check for updates every time it runs, once a day, or once a week. To change the settings, right-click on the icon in the tray and choose Update > Settings > InstantX Update.  Then you can specify how frequently to check for updates. We recommend once a day or once every seven days.

Advanced Headers/Footers
The Header is pre-pended to your text. Because the memo and doc title uses the first line of your text as the title, the Header is how your text will show up on your Palm OS PDA. You can specify a custom Header and Footer. There are some pre-set headers and footers for Date and Application Title. To configure Headers and Footers double click on the Snapture icon in your tray and select the Header/Footer tab. Enter your desired criteria, and press OK to save your changes. There are radio buttons to choose from or you can specify your own using custom macros:

· %d - Date
· %t - Time
· %u - URL (Please note, this macro only works when you capture information using Snapture icon in Internet Explorer.)
· %i - Application Title

For example: If the next hour is going to be spent researching Vitamins, you may want to set the Header to custom and set it to "Vitamins - %t", and set the Footer to "%d - %u" Each of your memos will display "Vitamins – 9:34:05 AM" and "Vitamins – 9:36:19 AM" at the top. The bottom will list the date and URL of the Web site where you found the information: "12/5/2002 –
". If you alphabetize your memos or docs, they will all be grouped together and in chronological order.