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Palm User - Choose the Palm User that will be using Snapture. Often times, there will only be one user you can select. If you are not sure which user to select, then on your Palm OS device, choose the HotSync application. The Palm User (HotSync name) will be in the upper right-hand corner.

Conversion Mode - Choose the type of text conversion.
Memo - (Split large text) This option will put the Snaps in Memo. If the Memo is too large, it will be split into multiple Memos as necessary.  
Palm Document - (for standard PalmDoc viewers) Choosing this option will cause Snapture to put the text into a standard Palm OS doc format. There are many freely available doc viewers for any Palm OS device.  
Palm Document if Memo requires Split - Only puts large documents as Docs, otherwise it goes to the Memo.  
If you don't have a doc text reader, we suggest you visit Palm Gear
or Handango to find a suitable doc reader. There are many good free readers available and some good text editors also.

Microsoft Internet Explorer
·Enable Snapture button in Internet Explorer - Select this option to add a button to Internet Explorer to capture selected text.  
Text Capture
·Edit Text After Capture - Gives you a notepad after Snapturing text. The first line will be the memo title or doc name.  
·Disable Capture Sound - Suppresses the Snap sound when capturing text. Replace the CAPTURE.WAV file to change the sound.  
·Disable Capture Graphic - Supresses the Snap logo when capturing text.