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Create Snaps

A Snap is a quickly captured text from any source. It will be sent to your PocketPC PDA when you sync.

Once you have Snapture running, you can create Snaps by highlighting text in any program and then click on the Snapture icon in the tray. You can also use a Hot Key to create a Snap. By default, the HotKey is F11 to create a new Snap, and F12 to append to the last captured Snap. You can use the mouse to create a snap. Just ALT-left-click to create a Snap. The default Hot Keys and Mouse settings can be changed by going to Options...

Synchronize Snaps

To Synchronize the Snaps to your PocketPC PDA, just sync. The Snaps will be removed from the File List, and you will be ready to capture more text.

With just one click, or one keystroke, capture text to take with you.

Ways to capture text:

1.Highlight text and hit F11 (or your defined key).  
2.Highlight text and hit the Snapture icon in the tray  
3.Highlight text and ALT-left-click the mouse (or your defined setting).  
4.Highlight text and copy to the clipboard, then right-click on the Snapture icon and choose "Paste from the Clipboard"  
5.Append text to the last captured text with ALT-F11 (or your defined key).  
6.In IE, hit the clip0011 icon to capture the selected text.