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Do you get e-mails about flat hoses, $50 University Diplomas and other useless junk? Well we've added a list of words and points to the BadWords Analyzer. The BadWords Analyzer will catch a lot of junk e-mail. Feel free to add your own words, and remove some of ours. Change the points if you'd like. Spam Sleuth will honor your point changes, and deletions even when the automatic updater updates the master list of BadWords.

BadWords are words that are likely to appear in unwanted e-mail. To add to the list, just enter your word followed by '=', followed by the number of points to assign for that word. Spam Sleuth comes with a list of words that is periodically updated. You can remove words, or add words to this list. Intellimingle™ will automatically add your words to the Spam Sleuth master list of words. If you remove a word, Intellimingle™ will remember that you've removed that word so that when we update the master BadWord list, Spam Sleuth™ won't analyze for the removed word. Feel free to customize this list. If you feel that you will never get a real e-mail about "SuperBiz" then feel free to boost the points for that word to 1000.

BadWords will search the entire message, including the header (with the subject).

The really profane words are in the Profanity Analyzer.

BadWords supports limited wildcards. You can put a * at the beginning or end of a word. Example: MINI CAR* would match all words like "Mini Car", "MINI Cars", "mini CART"