Command Line Options
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You can add options to the command line of Spam Sleuth to cause it to behave differently. To add a command line go to your Windows Start menu > Programs > Startup > right-click on the Spam Sleuth icon > Properties. Select the Shortcut Tab, and in the Target section you can add any of the following characters to the end of the address. Ensure that you leave a blank space after .exe and the start of your command line /NoSplash.

For example, "C:\Program Files\Blue Squirrel\Spam Sleuth\SpamSleuth.exe"  /NoSplash

·/NoSplash – This option keeps the Splash Screen from appearing on start up.  
·/CheckAll – Starts checking e-mail immediately upon startup. If this option is not set, it will wait for the specified amount of time before checking e-mail.  
·/Delay:3 - Pauses all Internet activity (Update checking and e-mail scanning) for 3 minutes (set any number you want). The program will not appear until the time has expired. Use this if your computer doesn't make an Internet connection right away.  
·/X – Exits the program after it checks for Spam – only works when /CheckAll is specified  
·/RunAfter – If this is passed it will check for RunAfter=<program> in the [General] section of SpamSleuth.INI and will run the specified program.  
··   /NoMinimize – This keeps Spam Sleuth from minimizing to the tray when you run it. It also keeps Spam Sleuth from temporarily hiding off-screen while it loads the spam messages.